Birthday Gifts: 46 Tributes to Love & Life
Cassandra D. Caldwell, Ph.D.

My memoir is coming soon.


People LOVE Dr. Cassandra Caldwell and you will too as you get to know this internationally-renowned diversity and inclusion thought leader, author, faculty member, consultant, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and scholar.  Cassandra (to anyone who's had the joy of meeting her) has a brilliance magnified by the love and friendship she shares with people from around the world and all walks of life.  This memoir is a compilation of forty-six daily meditations on the most interesting, influential, and (most importantly) loved people in her extraordinary life. 

Cassandra's Birthday Gifts are the people and shared moments she writes about leading up to her 46th birthday. As she reflects on the pivotal experiences of a once only child now deeply loved by at least four sisters, two mothers, a brother, mentors, and many friends we see her life's journey unfold.  Through Birthday Gifts: 46 Tributes to Love and Life we begin to identify important people and lessons in our own lives: friends from childhood to college, a father's patience, to a mother's powerful example of love, leadership, and sacrifice.  Her gift to the reader is the inspiration created in the telling of these heartfelt moments both personal and professional, the smiles, and tears shared between loved ones. 

Cassandra is a brilliant living testament that people are human and that humanity makes them beautifully unique.  Her memoir is a wonderful testament that life isn't about "Me," it's about "WE," & the moments, love and friendships WE share.

 Read Birthday Gifts and you too will join in saying,"Go on Girl!"

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